When does the activation start?
From the time you enter the coupon code or download and pay for the app in store. So it is important to only do this when starting your travels
They do not expire, so once received will remain valid until entered during registration process

If on subscription basis it will automatically renew if not then the service is no longer available.

Yes, but local connectivity to a network (roaming or local sim card) ensures that the OTP SMS is received in order to link the mobile number to a subscription for a successful activation of the services. We encourage the purchase of a local SIM and users should download app using this local number.
We have coverage in all major metros & sub metros and many outlying areas. We grow our security and medical supply base based on demand. If you would like to find out if there is coverage in your area, please check our coverage map and if your area is not covered, please contact us.

Download the Secura Traveller App from the App store or Play Store. For subscriptions or visit www.securatraveller.co.za for once off and bulk purchases. You will be asked to input your card details.

When purchased via the website we will then debit your account once off with R49 for 30days or R350 for 1 year. These charges exclude fees added by the PayFast. All charges are once off and NOT re-occurring.

When purchased via App Store it is on a subscription basis and will automatically renew at the end of the period unless you choose to OPT OUT. These charges exclude fee’s added by the PayFast.

No, there are no additional charges over and above your once off payment.

No, not at this point. We may introduce in the future so keep engaged.

Please email us on info@securatraveller.co.za Note it can take up to 2 weeks for processing.

No, our GPS panic button is a standalone device and can be used independently from your phone.

We have hundreds of private Armed Response companies on our supply base and the closest one will respond to your emergency. All are vetted and registered by PSIRA

We only use vetted Intermediate and Advanced Life Support service provides.

Private Hospitals. Should you not have the necessary medial aid or travel insurance you may be transferred to a Government facility once stabilised.

Should you unexpectedly breakdown on the side of the road in what is a potentially unsafe area, you can activate a security response to wait with you while your designated tow or breakdown service responds.

You can choose to make use of a local SIM card or your international number. Just be sure you download SECURA Traveller using the one you intend using during your travels and if using an International number activate data roaming?

Chances are you have downloaded SECURA instead of SECURA Traveller